Good news, a bit of progress today as we got our tinware back from the blasters - it's looking pretty clean - now we just need to have a proper look through it to make sure everything's in good condition before it goes off to the powdercoaters.

TDE article...

Another great VWMotoring vintage speed article - this one about Theo Decker (TDE) kits. Click the image to read the detail. 
BTW more updates to come on our build soon. 

85bhp okrasa-based motor...

Check out this great article from 1965 about a '54 beetle in Australia that has had it's original motor pepped up to 1488 with a Okrasa crank and 82mm pistons. The compression ratio is a whopping 9.5:1. 85bhp and 105mph is pretty impressive stuff for a 1200 based motor. - Click on the pic to read all the detail. One of my favourite things about this article is that the picture of the motor was printed upside down - and the headline reads b.p.h instead of b.h.p. - good copy checking :-)

Okrasa Fuel Filter Kit

Okrasa Fuel Filter Kit for sale on the samba $150.