Volksworld Show

It finally feels like summer is around the corner as we went to the Volksworld show this weekend. It was great to meet up with everyone again.

Our mate Ian has got his Judson fitted up to his '64 bahama blue bug, so it seemed the right thing to park the bugs up next to each other so you can compare the differences in these two oldspeed 34hp motors.

A close up of Ian's very smart motor. It sounded great when he fired it up.

Another bit of vintage speed goodness lurked under the hood of the Ben Lewis prepared bonkers country buggy

Sweet, a Porsche 912 motor set up by Mr Keith Seume himself. Not too shabby, eh?

We're back.

After another shoddy gap. We're back and we'll be updating the blog throughout the summer with all sorts of oldspeed related goodness. And news on that dyno session when we sort it.

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