Vintage Glitter

I found these pics on an ad for an original, untouched Porsche 356. I had to share them with you vintage speed heads out there. Nice.

Back in Action

That is a bad joke, as, back with a nice, new MOT, we took to the bug up to VW Action at Santa Pod this weekend. Fresh from it's 500 mile service, the motor performed admirably, and for the first time we could open it up a little (not toooooo much still). It felt like there was lots of power there to be had.

On the way back we hit the mother of all thunderstorms on the M25, with deep water on the roads and monsoon style rain. The 6 volt system did it's bit very well, but we spent Monday drying the car out - some flooded parts of the motorway were deeper in water than the floorpan :-(

The plan now is to put another few hundred miles on the motor, then have it looked over again then dyno'd to make sure the carbs and everything are set-up as good as possible - and to get that all-important BHP figure :-)

One of the Restowagen guys took a couple of sweet pics of the motor, here's one... cheers Tony!