Judson Supercharger for Sale

There is a complete Judson Supercharger for a 25/30 hp engine, rebuilt by George Folchi in the USA for sale on Volkszone in the UK. £1250.


Check out the website of David Mark Mayes, amayesing.com - it's got loads of vintage speed related goodness on it, including his amayesing (geddit?!?!) collection of vintage speed parts - the 1300/1500 okrasa kit above being just one example. Also there's a great story of a 60's drag engine that he found and the previous owners story here.

500 mile service

Yesterday the bug went in for its 500 mile service on the motor. Heads re-torqued, oil change etc. It was given a clean bit of health :-D It's also having some bits'n'pieces done for the MOT. Will report in when we get it back and get that engine fired up again :-) Can't wait to open it up properly.