Okrasa Heads and carbs for sale at Lavenham

Went to the Lavenham show yesterday, it was a good day, with lots of rare cars to look at. Here's a taster...
Spotted a pair of Okrasa heads for sale, with carbs and manifolds. If anyone is genuinely interested I can pass on the seller's details. Price is £1200.


Just a quick post to say thanks to Thomas at oldspeed-register for the link and his kind words. Cheers Thomas!

Enigine Build Up Part 3

More progress pics from Ian at Farnborough VW...



Mr Wob oil lines plumbed in...

Reichert linkage and Fram filter mocked-up...



coil and carbs mocked-up

bolt-up 1.1:1 rockers to replace the stock 1:1's...

rockers mocked up - this was to see how much the pushrods would need machining down...

Eventually the Fram came apart - 40 years sat in a box and it was a bit stubborn :-)

Enigine Build Up Part 2

Heads on :)


The pushrods were mocked up and then removed - because the heads have had so much material taken off, each side of the motor is approx. 4mm shorter, so the pushrods need machining to fit


Enigine Build Up Part 1

Got some pics here from Ian at Farnborough VW (hello!) who's building the engine up. It's pretty exciting to see some of these parts come together :-)

New Links

We've added some links on the right to some more VW blogging friends, there are some excellent project blogs there, and also the 6 Volt blog, which is great. Take a look...

6 Volt
Oval 57
Azur Suprise

Hello HÃ¥kon!

Okrasa ts-1200 for sale

For sale on Pre 67 VW

I have a okrasa ts-1200 kit for sale. the kit is immaculate, carbs 32 pbic, heads, fram oil filter, carb linkage, tach, manifold and knecht air filter.
heads has no fins broken, perfect condition. fram filter looks new, carb linkage looks new.
tach is nos.
also copper gas line, not pictured.

i have two of those so i have to sell one for someone to enjoy.
price is 8000$ or 5200 euro

will ship worldwide.
serious buyer only.
email me at louisaddiction@hotmail.com

Power Power Power

I found this power chart on this website. Shows a power comparison between different vintage tuning options, here's the key (it's based on a 30 horse engine - shown in SAE HP, so stock is 36):
A: Judson
B: Dual Solex
C: Okrasa 1192cc kit
D: Okrasa 1293 kit
It shows that a Judson holds its own against an Okrasa kit which includes twin solex's, high-compression twin port heads, and twin-port manifolds. Only the TSV-1300/30 Okrasa kit, with the crank that increases the CCs beats it. It also shows that the Judson gives a solid power increase throughout the rev range, not just at higher revs. Nice.

Knechtens Zwitter Blog...

Just found this excellent blog of a restoration of an oldspeed-look zwitter. Lots of great work on there and the car looks great! Have a look here.

A narrower engine = more things to solve

Because we have increased compression by machining down the stock heads rather than fitting custom units, the motor will be about 4mm shorter on either side (which is quite a lot in engine terms I guess). This will mean a few other modifications will be needed - the stock pushrods will need shortening, some tinware will need modifying (wish we had realised this before we had it powdercoated DOH!) and I guess the knock-on effects will keep coming - carb linkage, hmmm, dunno what else.
Oh well, will keep you posted.

A happy goodbye

It was great to say goodbye to all these parts we've been hoarding in our front room. Now that the heads are done, the tinware, carbs kit, distributor and other ancillaries can go over to Farnborough VW Centre for the build up.

The heads come home!

We got the heads back from GAC and they are definitely worth the wait. They have been ported and polished and matched to the Reichert mainfolds. Also, the eagle eyed amongst you might notice that a whole cooling fin has been removed - this is to get the compression from the stock 6.5:1 to a hefty 9:1. Nice. That is some pretty blinking nice-looking work. Also the exhaust valves have been replaced with Stainless ones for extra resilience (to avoid what happened last time) the inlets are 1300 exhaust valves, which again are stronger than stock. All the valves have been reworked for extra flow.