Power Power Power

I found this power chart on this website. Shows a power comparison between different vintage tuning options, here's the key (it's based on a 30 horse engine - shown in SAE HP, so stock is 36):
A: Judson
B: Dual Solex
C: Okrasa 1192cc kit
D: Okrasa 1293 kit
It shows that a Judson holds its own against an Okrasa kit which includes twin solex's, high-compression twin port heads, and twin-port manifolds. Only the TSV-1300/30 Okrasa kit, with the crank that increases the CCs beats it. It also shows that the Judson gives a solid power increase throughout the rev range, not just at higher revs. Nice.

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Ian said...

Nice find Vic! looks like we'll be fairly closely matched on that drag race then! ;)