The 'Old-Speed' direction...

With the motor needing rebuilding, we've decided to do it properly ie get the whole thing completely re-built and restored year-correct. And to do it all the highest standard we can. We're fans of 'old-speed' style tuning goodies and so decided to pep up the motor with some vintage tuning stuff. The question then is which way and how far to go.

From doing a lot of reading old VW magazines and tuning books and digging around some really good websites, seems like there are 3 basic directions that you can go in when building a vintage speed VW motor: 1 - increase the cc of the motor only, 2 - vintage twin carburetor set-up, or 3 - a vintage supercharger.

This is twin-carb kit made by Okrasa - this one is a TSV-1300/34, made for the 34hp 1200 (like ours) which means that as well as the twin carbs, manifolds and very smart twin-port heads, it also came with the Okrasa 69.5mm crank, which increased capacity to 1300 (pic from May 1965 issue of Safer Motoring).

A Shorrock Supercharger for a VW 1200 offering a '50%' increase in power. Ad from 1965.

We've decided to go down the carburetor and increased cc route - so more to come on that later.

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