Another mini milestone...

We reached a mini-milestone in the engine build - and reduced the pile of engine components that currently live in our lounge :-)
We took the heads and inlet manifolds up to GAC Motorsport in Aylesbury to be matched and ported. We met Alan (hello Alan) who is in the middle of build two european spec formula Vee cars for the new season - impressive-looking stuff.
We discussed some stuff with Alan, like compression ratio - which he's going to make 9:1 - it means our oversize barrels will need machining down to achieve a deck-height of 1.2mm (they are currently 3.75). That'll be sorted out by Farnborough VW as they build-up the bottom end.


snale/bbr said...

Hey Vic!

Very nice blog!

Will make a link on my site if you like that! Just let me know!

(By the way, I have powdered my riechert linkage too.... you see, we´re on the same thing!)



Van Wildhorne said...

Hello Thomas!

That would be cool - I have seen your blog - very nice - can't wait to see your car when it's finished.